Modern Terminals is committed to continuously improving our customer service to achieve the best customer satisfaction levels in the industry. To do this we have developed a number of innovative value-added services that help our customers to boost the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations.

We are working on a range of service delivery enhancements that will improve productivity within the terminal. At the same time, we are working through Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association, supported by various stakeholders in the industry, to increase the efficiency of the port as a whole. For details, please visit the website of Hong Kong Container Terminal Operators Association.

The Modern Terminals 12-storey warehouse building offers users a total of more than 1 million square feet of storage space.

Its three lower levels provide direct truck and container access making them ideal for freight-forwarding and logistics operations. The upper floors are served by purpose-built 2-4 tonne freight lifts and suitable for medium- to long-term storage.

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Modern Terminals and Brigantine Services Limited jointly carry out maintenance and repair services for general purpose and reefer containers handled through Modern Terminals' facilites. These services offer customers a speedy and convenient solution that helps them to optimise the use of their equipment.

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Modern Terminals provides an Express Barge Service (EBS) to optimise the use of barge berths and resources in the Pearl River Delta (PRD). This benefits the different sectors of the PRD container shipping industry by improving their operational efficiency and productivity, as well as their cost effectiveness. It also extends the PRD’s barge catchment area and helps to capture its growing volume.

The EBS helps shipping lines to save manpower and extend and coordinate their supply chains; it allows barge operators to optimise their productivity, turnaround times, and utilisation and deployment of their barges; and it gives end-users environmentally friendly and cost-effective local logistics services that make it more viable for them to move their factories further inland from the Pearl River. Moreover, the service increases the efficiency and productivity of terminal operators and optimises the utilisation of their berths.

HKBU Services - barge. is a one-stop e-business platform linking Modern Terminals with our shipping line customers and other members of the supply chain community, including barge operators, trucking companies, freight forwarders, shippers, consignees and government bodies. The portal provides users with a wide range of online services as well as real time data visibility for vessels, barges and container activities which help them to increase operational efficiency and improve service levels to their customers. has undergone a complete revamp in 2014 to further broaden the scope and value of its services to users.

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HKiPort, developed by several Kwai Tsing terminal operators in collaboration with OnePort, is a new mobile application that allows its users to obtain detailed information about container transactions at these terminals more conveniently, and to receive important messages about them.

The first phase of the app was launched at the end of March 2014. It is updated from time to time.

The app can track the estimated handling time of hot box containers, as well as provide container details, information about the names of vessels, real-time access of voyage schedules, the terminal where they will berth, and their estimated times of arrival and departure. It can advise details of empty return and pickup locations, block yard location and rotation zone too, and communicate special announcements by terminals.

HKiPort can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. 

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Hong Kong Container Terminals 1, 2, 5 & 9 (South)

Annual CapacityAbout 7,000,000 TEUs
Total Area92.61 ha (228.75 acres)
Length of Main Berth2,322 m (7,618 ft)
Length of Barge Berth170 m (558 ft)
Depth Alongside-16.5 m (54 ft)
Number of Container Berths7
Number of Barge Berths3
Stacking Capacity77,000 TEUs
Quayside Gantry Cranes30
Electricity-powered Rubber-tyred Gantry Cranes101
Lighter Cranes3
Hustling Chassis193
Heavy-duty Forklift Trucks (Ro/Ro Operations)5
Heavy-duty Reach Stackers (45 tons)5
Empty Stackers (7 containers high)9
Small Forklift Trucks54
Terminal Tractor (Ro/Ro Operations)2
Total Container Freight Station (CFS) Area948 sq m (10,200 sq ft)
12-storey Warehouse Gross Leasable Area132,000 sq m (1,420,836 sq ft)
Reefer Power Plugs3,480
* TEU (20-foot equivalent unit) 
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Modern Terminals is firmly committed to ensuring the security of the port in order to protect the safety and interests of the community as a whole. It was one of the first Hong Kong companies to be certified as compliant with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) International Ship and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) Code.