Press Release

Hong Kong Welcomes First Batch of Chilean Cherry Containers for The 2022/2023 Season

09 December 2022

Today (9 December), this season’s first batch of Chilean Cherry containers for the South China market were discharged at Modern Terminals, a member of the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance.

23 days after being loaded to the container vessel at Valparaiso in Chile, the containers arrived in Hong Kong where the unique HOT BOX arrangement offered by the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance facilitates immediate connection to trucks and barges, and transported to consumer markets in South China. 

Containers picked up by truck or barge are then transported across the boundary to Mainland China and can arrive at the renowned Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale market in Guangzhou within hours after being offloaded at the Port of Hong Kong. Symbolizing joy, blessings and good fortune, the bright red high-quality Chilean Cherry is treasured as a Chinese New Year gift.

Osvaldo Alvarez, Consul General of Chile in Hong Kong said: “Chile is the world’s leading cherry exporter. Around 90% of Chile’s cherry export goes to China with South China being the largest consumer market for the popular fruit. Hong Kong plays an important role in our cherry exports acting as the main gateway for thousands of Chilean Cherry containers destined for the Mainland China market and the rest of Asia”.

Cherry Express vessels enjoy berth on arrival and the HOT BOX arrangement is popular with Fruit Importers and Logistics Providers. Hong Kong’s fast delivery ensures freshness, quality, and taste when the fruit reaches consumers all over South China. With 8,000 reefer plugs available at the Hong Kong Seaport Alliance and connections to all over Asia, Hong Kong is also the perfect hub for transhipment of Chilean Cherry containers to markets in the rest of Asia. 

To mark the occasion, representatives from the Chilean and Hong Kong Government as well as the business community were on site to welcome the containers and celebrate Hong Kong’s status as the main gateway for the Chilean Cherry containers.


From left to right; Margaret Ip, Trade Officer of the Trade Commission of Chile in Hong Kong; Bradford Lee, Associate Director, Merchandise Trade and Innovation, Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Osvaldo Alvarez, Consul General of Chile in Hong Kong; Horace Lo, Group Managing Director of Modern Terminals; Jimmy Chiang, Associate Director-General (Business Development), Invest Hong Kong; Carlos Gonzalez, President of the Chile Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce; Rosanna Lau, General Manager - Customer Experience at Modern Terminals Hong Kong.