Supplier Code Of Conduct

Modern Terminals is committed to bringing sustainable development of local economies and improvement to people’s well-being.  Sustainability is an integral part of our business and operations. We actively seek to partner with suppliers who share our commitment to compliance and integrity in all areas of their operations and practices. We will also give preference to suppliers who integrate social and environmental policies into their business processes.

We expect our suppliers to abide by the Code of Conduct detailed below:


  • Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations where they operate.
  • Suppliers shall respect the privacy and confidential information of all their employees and business partners as well as to protect data and intellectual property from misuse.
  • Suppliers shall observe business integrity in managing their business and dealing with business relationships.

Ethical Conduct 

  • Suppliers shall operate with the highest ethical standards and should not be involved in any form of corruption, collusion, extortion, fraud, bribery, false declarations or counterfeiting.


  • Suppliers shall minimise the environmental impacts generated from their operations and throughout the product life cycle.
  • Suppliers shall provide goods or services to Modern Terminals that can facilitate our Company’s own environmental initiatives.
  • As our Company is ISO 14001:2015 certified, all suppliers shall align with all the relevant requirements of the standard.

Forced Labour and Child Labour

  • Suppliers must not allow any form of forced labour and child labour in the production or provision of goods or services.

Compensation and Working Hours

  • Suppliers shall protect their employees with written contracts that comply with local laws. 
  • Suppliers shall also observe and comply with such minimum wages regulations and overtime compensation where applicable.
  • Suppliers shall ensure wages are paid promptly as stipulated under the applicable laws and regulations.

Health and Safety

  • We require suppliers to have health and safety policies and procedures in place to enhance and promote employees’ health and work safety with appropriate working environment and training for employees.


  • Employment should be granted based on suitability for a job.
  • Suppliers shall not allow discrimination in any form such as race, nationality, gender, age, generation, experience, religion, perspective, disability, social class.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

  • Suppliers are encouraged to have their own code of conduct in place to manage their subcontractors and along their supply chain.
  • Suppliers shall ensure that their suppliers and subcontractors are compensated properly and in a timely manner.
  • Suppliers shall keep a proper record of their subcontractors and provide us with such information whenever our projects/works are being subcontracted out.

Documentation and Inspection

  • Suppliers shall allow access by Modern Terminals to relevant documents, facilities and sites to demonstrate compliance with this code of conduct.