Press Release

Hong Kong Seaport Alliance Continues to Capture the Strong Growth in the Cold Chain Market

25 March 2021

Hong Kong Seaport Alliance (HKSPA)’s reliability, flexibility, and high efficiency have again proven to bring benefits to Chilean exporters and South China importers of cherries from Valparaiso and San Antonio in Chile.

HKSPA has achieved a 54% growth in the 2020/21 Chilean cherry season, a record high volume of the fruit handled in Hong Kong for the Mainland market. 

Luis Chadwick V., President of Agrícola San Clemente, one of the largest growers and exporters of fruits in Chile, said: “Once again the Port of Hong Kong proved to be the most diligent, reliable and efficient port, even under high stress situations like the one we just faced with the cherries. Very good work and we look forward to continuous collaboration with the port.” 

According to statistics, Mainland Chinese consume over 70% of cherries in the world and among which 90% are from Chile.

HKSPA spokesperson said: “China itself is a big grower and exporter of fruits. However, with the increasing purchasing power of Mainland Chinese, the demand for imported fruits has seen a tremendous growth.  Imports still only account for 2.5% of China’s total per capita fresh fruit consumption and the growth potential is huge.

“Chile is the largest supplier of fruits imported by China accounting for almost one-fourth of the market.  Besides cherries, citrus, table grapes, kiwis and apples from Chile are of increasing popularity among Chinese consumers.

“The highest number of reefer points in South China – 7,800 which is twice the capacity of other terminals in the region, the hot box arrangements allowing consignees to collect shipment in just 15 minutes after discharge, as well as simple, convenient and fast customs procedures, the comprehensive road and barge networks all contribute to make Hong Kong the port of choice for fruit shipments.”

HKSPA will continue to enhance its efficiency and collaborate with shipping line customers as well as fruit exporters and importers to capture the growing fresh fruit market in Mainland China through the Hong Kong gateway.